Accounting & Payroll Support

Outsourcing of non-core business activities is fast becoming a norm as businesses now recognise the importance of focusing on core competencies, while tapping on our professional expertise..

Two of the more common areas for outsourcing are:

Accounting & Finance Outsourcing Services

  1. Setup of proper accounting systems, accounting policies and procedures in line with local accounting and regulatory requirements
  2. Perform accounting-related administrative services (e.g. sales & receipt cycle, payment cycle)
  3. Provide routine and ad-hoc routine financial reports such as departmental reports, variance reports, KPI highlights
  4. Prepare cash flow projections
  5. Value Added Tax compliance
  6. Corporate & Personal Tax compliance
  7. Special accounting assignments, including clearing of backlog accounts, expedite preparation of financial statements, IPOs, etc.

Payroll & HR Administration Outsourcing Services

Payroll administration

  1. Maintain payroll file for each employee
  2. Compute & disburse salary and reimbursements
  3. Provide printed or electronic pay advice (via internet)
  4. Process increments and bonuses
  5. Provide payroll reports for management’s review monthly & annually

HR Administration

  1. Leave administration
  2. Training administration
  3. Assistance in promotion / performance evaluation exercise
  4. Occupation Permit / Work Permit application
  5. Staff insurance administration


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